Hiking Crossing of Central Pelion

Hike Away in collaboration with Exp.Trekking organizes a hiking camp crossing on the Centaurs Mountain!

(Agios Georgios Neilias – Top Schitzouravli – H.C. Wild whites – shelter Makryrrachis – Anilio – Damouhari – Fakistra – Tsagarada).

The excursion will take place from 19 to 23 September.

The route will offer us an overview of the magnificent Pelion, as it initially climbs the western forested slopes overlooking the Pagasitic Gulf, while then after crossing the ridge to the north, it falls to the eastern coast border bordering the Aegean Sea, through the apocalyptic ravine of Feluka!

The view of the coastline and the horizon on both sides of the mountain is unique! The verdant forests of beech, wild white and chestnut trees, the reeds with waterfalls and pedestals, the enchanting beaches and the sea caves, are some of the images that we will encounter in our walk, while at the same time we will learn about the long history and tradition of the place.

The stay will take place in tents for the first three days. In Agios Georgios and Anilio there will be in places that provide toilet and hot water for showers, while in the shelter the camp will take place in the forest. In Tsagarada the stay will take place in a hotel. The food at the shelter of Makryrrachi is provided by the organization.

East Pelion


Wednesday 19/9


Meeting at the long-distance bus of Volos and transfer to Agios Georgios Neilias (Paliovigla location). Arrangement of camping equipment, food, information for the three-day period.

Thursday 20/9

Agios Georgios – Schitzouravli – X. Wild White Center – Makryrrachis Refuge.

Starting from the place Paliovigla at 750hp just outside Agios Georgios Neilias, we will climb through a forest of low vegetation at the beginning and beech forest then up to the top of Schitzouravli at 1450hp. Here we will make a short stop for rest, and view towards the Pagasitic Gulf and Evia from the west and the endless blue of the Aegean Sea from the east as the formation of the endless peninsula will unfold south to where the eye reaches! Then we will follow the path that crosses the ridge and leads north to the ski resort in the position of Agriolefkes. From there we will enter the “Path of the Waterfalls” to reach the Hunting Refuge of Makrirrachi where we will stay overnight.

Distance: 11.5 km
Time: 6 -7 hours.

East Pelion

Friday 9/21

Refuge of Makryrrachis – Anilio through the path of the waterfalls.

The route is purely forested and takes place entirely in the beautiful ravine of Feluka which will slowly direct us towards the highly impressive eastern side of Pelion.

We follow the well-written “Path of the Waterfalls” through towering beech trees to meet a little below the endless running waters to form small waterfalls and pedestals that rightly became the occasion to acquire its name this hiking route! A hearty break in the thick shade of the plane tree and soon we follow our exit to Anilio catching the forest road which moves mainly through dense chestnut forests.

Distance: 11 km
Time: 5 – 6 hours.

East Pelion

Saturday 22/9

Anilio – Ai Giannis – Damouhari – Fakistra – Tsagarada (overnight).

The third day is dedicated to the wild and enchanting coastline of eastern Pelion! Plaka, Ai Giannis, Papa Nero, Damouhari and Fakistra are the beaches that we will cross in turn. Path, cobblestones and coasts will bring us from north to south to swim in the isolated and beautiful Fakistra thus completing the 3 day crossing of one of the most interesting parts of the mountain of Centaurs. A part of the coastal route (path-dirt road) passes through orchards with wild eels, hollys and dry ravines. The viewing points are innumerable along the steep and rocky coastline of eastern Pelion, while old chapels and water caves will come to complement the thematic part of the excursion.

Distance: 9 km
Time: 5 hours.

East Pelion

Sunday 23/9

Optional hike of acquaintance in Tsagarada and the mountainous part of the village.

The fourth day, focusing on Tsagarada, will be a flashback to the historical and cultural course of eastern Pelion. The imprinting of the historical memory of the area, through the special spatial planning, the rich mansions, the cobbled houses and the stone-built public buildings, such as the Nanopoulios school and the Achillopoulios commercial school, is typical in this village of Pelion. This impression, combined with the historical narrative that will take place along the way, will complete us the picture of where we will walk this 4 days.

Distance: 4 – 5 km
Time: 3 hours.

East Pelion

Necessary equipment:

  • Hiking equipment: Boots or sturdy layered shoes, support rods (baton), 30lt+ backpack, 1.5lt water container, waterproof jacket, hat, breathing clothing.
  • Camping equipment: Tent, sleeping bag, substrate, head lens. Equipment can be rented.
  • Extra hand luggage: swimwear, towels, slippers, overnight clothing, personal belongings.

Camping equipment and hand luggage will be transported by vehicle of the event from station to station.

Diet: All meals of the 3 days are covered by us with respect to the nutritional needs of an average hiker. Every day we will receive fresh breakfast and main meal, plus salad and fruit. Optional meals of arrival in Paleovigla and departure in Tsagarada are excluded.

East Pelion

Cost – Participation:

The total cost of the 4-day trip is €175 excluding VAT and includes the following:

Pick-up and transfer by mini bus from Volos bus for the 1st night seat (1 hour), civil liability insurance, 3 camping nights in organized areas, 1 stay in a central hotel of Tsagarada, full 3-day diet, transportation by vehicles from Fakistra to Tsagarada at the end of the crossing, daily transfers of camping equipment and hand luggage, coordination and escort of 2 experienced drivers, 3-hour tour of Tsagarada, mini bus transfer from Tsagarada to Volos (1.5 hours).

Terms of participation:

To participate in the hiking crossing you will need to pre-pay the amount of €40 in one of the following bank accounts until 14/9.

National Bank: 201/00 5000-89 (beneficiary Tsibanakos Apostolos)
IBAN: GR500110 2010 0000 2010 0500 089
Contact number: 6980682589
Email: exp.trekking@gmail.com

Piraeus Bank: 6576-105045-558 (beneficiary Melis Nikolaos)
IBAN: GR13 0171 5760 0065 7610 5045 558
Contact number: 6938959499
Email: pelion.hikeaway@gmail.com


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