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Hike Away specializes in leisure, tourist, historical and cultural hiking excursions in the wider central and eastern Pelion, while it also has a specially designed area for outdoor activities in the Tsagarada forest called Green Mountain activity area, offering activities such as archery, paintball, mythological treasure hunt and flying fox.

We form family and corporate tourism packages expanded with a number of outdoor activities, as in addition to the services provided by our office, we also work with specialized professionals in other activities.

With the experience of participating in the production and execution of major events such as the Camel Trophy, the Serkova Cup Sail Odyssey, the Alaied Domeq Sailing Promotion and in recent years the Tsagarada Escape Festival, we provide the ability to organize and produce multifaceted sporting and tourist events.

Hike Away participates in actions for research, maintenance and opening of hiking trails, initially in the area of ​​Pelion and then in the Pindos mountain range, voluntarily, but also as a member of the social cooperative enterprise Terra Pindus.

Terra Pindus was founded in 2019, is based in Theodoriana Artas and aims to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the hiking trails of Pindos and the outdoor culture of its mountainous areas, having as its main project the creation of a long path crossing the emblematic mountain range (Pindus Trail Project).

Hike Away also specializes in the manufacture of wooden signposts for trails and other wooden structures, through its carpentry workshop “Iska”.

Νικόλας Μέλης / Nikolas Melis

Nikolas Melis

Founder and owner of Hike Away

Born in Athens on July 16, 1965. His childhood obsession with nature began to organized and build professionally in 1991, when he worked for the advertising and promotion company The Promotion Center (TPC) as a member of the production team of the Camel Trophy event for three events.

His responsibilities covered issues of organizational structure, production of promotional material, organization of winter camp and management of material and equipment. In the same company he also works as a manager of promotional programs such as the Alaied Domeq Sailing Promotion (a two-month program for the promotion of alcoholic products which took place for three consecutive years by sailing boat in 18 Aegean islands), where he also served as a second skipper, Serkova Cup Sail Odyssey (ten-day offshore sailing boat race, with a similar promotional character) and the Nafplio Classical Music Festival. Since then, he follows a path of continuous engagement with activities that have as main axis the contact with the natural environment and the creation of infrastructures for escape in nature such as paths, outdoor sports areas and route marking materials.

At the same time, from a young age, he was attracted to the visual and construction arts. He learns how to make handmade jewelry, attends classes at the Vakalo art school and takes private lessons in jewelry design and development of design perception.
For many years he worked next to his uncle, the sculptor and decorator Lazaros Paouris, in a wide range of applied arts and techniques such as stage construction, production of models and advertising material, design and construction of exhibition stands, sculptures, etc.

From 1996 until today he maintains a workshop under the name “Iska” where he manufactures jewelry, useful objects, inscriptions, decorative and sculptural compositions, signs, etc. He also deals with design of business premises, preservation of antiques and handmade bookbinding.

In 2013 he started as his main job, the hiking office “Hike Away in Pelion” in Tsagarada, Pelion, where he has been living since July 1999, and then he created the outdoor area “Green Mountain activity area” in Tsagarada, with Archery, Paintball, Mythological Treasure Hunt and Flying fox (zip line/omega).

Since 2015 he is a member of the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises of Outdoor Leisure Activities (HATEOA).

Inspirer and responsible coordinator of the Tsagarada Mountain & Sea Activities Festival “Tsagarada Escape Festival” and responsible for the hiking activity in the event.

Member of Terra Pindus C.S.E. productive purposes.

Animator of Outdoor Leisure Activities.


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